Agape Ideas
Quick, easy, and inexpensive agape ideas . . . from The Upper Room Discussion Group . . .
Rainbow mechanical pencils:Write this down: Jesus Loves You!" or "Jesus has signed your heart with his blood."
Mending kits:"God fixes everything."
Jigsaw Pieces:Jigsaw puzzle pieces either hot glued to a pin back or a card (You can put a piece of magnet strip on the back of the card for a fridge magnet.): "God put it all together for you." Or "Puzzled? Talk to God." Or "Don't let Jesus be your missing piece!" or "If life is a puzzle, turn to the Lord." Or "Now I know in part, then I shall know fully. 1 Corinthians 13:12."
Notepad:Little notebooks or note pads. "Write this down: Jesus Loves You!"
Small calendars:(wallet size are good): "I am with you always. Jesus"
Seed packages:"Grow in Christ."
Life Savers:"Jesus is the real life saver!"
Small rulers:"Measure your life in Christ." Or "Jesus Rules!"
Emory Board:Emory board or small piece of sand paper on a card: "Jesus can smooth away all our rough edges!"
Nail:Nail on a card. "Need an eternal fix? Try John 3:16."
Butterfly anything:"God changes things."
Diaper pin:"God can change even the worst of things."
Maps or compasses:"Jesus is the way" or "Lost? Talk to God" or "Need directions? Talk to the Father." Or "Lost? Follow the Son."
Magnifying glass:"See everything clearly with Christ" or "Let your faith be magnified." Or "If they dusted your Bible for fingerprints, would they find any fresh ones? Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105."
Small bars of soap:"God can make all things clean."
Emergency rain ponchos:"When life gives you rain, God gives you rainbows!"
Yo-yos:"God will be there though all your ups and downs."
Rock:Write "Jesus is the rock" and draw a cross on the rock.
Duct tape and nail:Put a small piece of duct tape on a card. Then put a nail through the card as if you were pinning something to it. On card write: "Men fix everything with duct tape. God used his son."
Penny:Penny hot glued to a card. "Jesus just makes 'cents'"
Runts:Runts candies in a small bag. "The fruits of the spirit are."
Paper clip chain:Paper clip chain made of brightly colored paper clips or several brightly colored paper clips hanging on an earring hoop: "Genesis 9:13"
Heart:Foam heart glued to a card: "Give your heart to Jesus." Or any heart verse.
Candy conversation hearts:"These go in your tummy. Put Jesus in your heart."
Bears:Teddy bear stickers or very small (1/2 inch) teddy bears or gummy bears. "God's love bears all."
Erasers:"Jesus erased all your sins."
Key chain:"Let Jesus be the key to your life" or "Put God in the driver's seat."
Shoe horns:"For a perfect fit every time, try Jesus."
Earplugs:"For all those times when noise is not so joyful."
Atomic fireballs:"Get fired up for Christ!"
Smiley face anything:"Smile. God loves you."
Kites:Small plastic or balsa wood planes or miniature kites: "Fly high with Christ."
Band aid on card:"Christ heals all."
Pots:Small jars or pots made from Play Dough and hardened. "Put yourself in the potter's hands."
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