Agape Ideas
Quick, easy, and inexpensive agape ideas . . . from The Upper Room Discussion Group . . .
Finger traps:"Submit to Christ and be free." You may want to explain on the card that the finger trap will hold you as long as you struggle and pull.
Hand held fans:Cut a large heart from card stock or other paper and tape this to a pencil. Print on heart before cutting and taping: "Join the Jesus fan club."
Golf tees taped to a card:"Jesus will always fit your needs to a tee!"
Airhead candy:"Don't be an airhead! Listen to Jesus!"
Kool Aid packages:"Let Jesus be the cool aid in your life."
Hershey kiss(es):Hershey kiss(es) on a card: "A good night kiss for you. Sleep in peace as God watches over you" or "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." Proverbs 24:26 or with 2 kisses "Angel kisses."
Mint:A mint taped to a card: "Jesus is 'mint' for you."
Sponge:Small piece of sponge attached to a card: "Soak up God's love."
Chewy Candy:Gum, caramel, starburst candy, tootsie roll or other chewy candy: "Choose Jesus" or "Choose this day whom you will serve." Joshua 2:4-15
Now and Later candy:"Jesus Now and Later."
Q-tip:Q-tip taped to a card: "Open our ears, Lord. We want to hear Jesus."
Small plastic frogs:"FROG: Fully relying on God."
Gold Fish crackers:"Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19
Small back scratchers:"God always has a hand for you!"
Skittles candies:"Taste the rainbow of God's love."
Equal package:"Nothing equals Jesus!"
Picture of a cell phone:Photocopy picture on paper and color with bright colors: "Call on God. Unlimited free anytime access."
Small packages of tissues:"God will take your tears and make an ocean."
Gold wrapped chocolate coins:"His love is more precious than gold."
Corks or fishing bobbers:God's love is unsinkable.
Small match box-size cars:"Put God in the driver's seat."
Honey:Bit of Honey or fast food size honey package: Psalm 19:10
Cream Savers: You are the cream of the crop. Let Jesus be your Life Savior.
Small pocket size mirrors:"Let Christ be reflected in you."
Letter openers:"God opens up a whole new world of possibilities."
Toy watches:"God has all the time in the world for you." Or "Ecclesiastes 3:1"
Birds:Small plastic or feather birds (floral section of craft store): "Matthew 10:31"
Toy paratroopers (party favors):"Let Jesus be your parachute."
Individually wrapped hand wipes:"Jesus makes all things clean."
Rubber Ducks:"Life with Christ is just ducky!"
Mini-frisbees or spinning tops:"I may not always know where I'm going, but the one I'm following does. 'The Lord will guide you always.' Isaiah 58:11"
Whistle:"Whistle while you work Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23."
Milky Way candy bars:"He had a universe to choose from, but God chose you."
Baseball trinkets:"No outs. All safe with Christ" or "Hit a home run with Christ."
Mustard seed:Mustard seed glued to a piece of cardstock: "A little faith goes a long way. Matthew 17:20.
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